Itóǧiŋ Kitȟúŋpi-Halloween

Yesterday the children were able to trick or treat thanks to generous donations of costumes and candy. This was an important experience for so many reasons. The children are warm and safe in the camp, our students do not go to the frontlines but their friends in camp often do. They love being in camp and school,  and learn so much from the elders and others here. They do, however, worry daily about the risk of friends being arrested. They know why the camps are here and understand the importance of what is being done. (Watch the children talk about our school and the NoDAPL camps: CATV 47 Visits Mní Wičhóni Nakíčižiŋ Owáyawa ) Activities like this help the kids be kids and have fun. People from all over the country donated and lots of protectors in the camps came together to make this experience possible. This was truly a community activity and everyone involved had a blast. We are grateful for our extended community’s continued support. We could not do what we do without you.


With some clever thinking by our staff the kids’ watch Coraline. It was projected on to the roof of the tent. Everyone leaned back and enjoyed the movie!







The kids were able to go through the donations and put together their costumes. As you can imagine this was a lot of fun.







Here is a group of the trick or treaters getting ready to set out around the camps with the teachers.






Off they go!







The staff took the donated candy and distributed it to people throughout the camps. The students and other children in camp were able to visit each stop. They greeted and thanked the people at each location in Lakota.

 -Update by April Rain


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