Statement from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

“The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Oceti Sakowin Camp are committed to the educational rights of all children. In that spirit, the Mni Wiconi Nakicizin Owayawa was created to serve as a home education resource for the families residing at the camp. Under the allowable home education provisions of the North Dakota Century Code, Section 15.1, 23 families have the right to home education for their children. The portrayal by the State Superintendent is a clear attempt to intimidate the families at Oceti Sakowin Camp and discourage them from making their own educational choices.

  Since our first contact with the Department of Public Instruction a month ago, Mni Wiconi Nakicizin Owayawa has been clear that the school is a homeschool resource and, based on the needs of the camp and the community, has had no desire to become an accredited school at this time.”

-Dave Archambault II, Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


One thought on “Statement from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

  1. I have been saying this strongly since Kirsten Baesler first made her offensive statement that our children “are her department’s children”, as if Indns do not have the same rights to homeschooling that non-Indn children and their parents have.
    I apologize for having given her more credit for respect for us than she has. I will be SURE to vote this election, and I WILL NOT vote for Kirsten Baesler. You might give this some consideration, because if all of us Indns voted as a block, we could swing any statewide election as we want. Another reason the washichu fear us so much. Mitakuye oiasin


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